How does automatic message retry work?

The goTenna networking protocol automatically retries sending your messages up to three times before it will ever give you a fail notice in a 1-to-1 message chat. (You may not even notice the retries are happening, as they take place in the background after you hit send.)

goTenna will not, however, retry indefinitely, as this can drain your battery significantly. If your message fails to reach your intended recipient in those first three automatic attempts, you may choose to attempt a manual retry later. It’s usually best to try again from a different location, as you may simply be in a “radio shadow” where transmissions can’t get out easily. (Hint: Try to find altitude and/or get away from any obstructions, like buildings or big boulders, for instance. Even just elevating yourself by 3 or 5 feet can make a huge difference!)

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